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How To Select The Best Wedding Songs For Your Wedding March-In


Your wedding is around the corner, and you have no clue on how to do your planning. What are you going to do, and who are you going to seek help? The answer is simple. When you need help with your wedding planning, be sure to engage the use of a professional wedding live band. They are the ones who will be able to give you great advises when it comes to planning.

There are many types of planning for your wedding. Some people love to spend lots of time planning on getting the best food for their guests. Some food includes abalone, and bird’s nest, which is the high delicacy for Chinese guests. Other love to indulge in an excellent venue for their wedding celebrations. In Singapore, some of the best wedding venues include the S.E.A. Aquarium, JW Marriott and many more! 

While there are many things for people to indulge on for their weddings, one significant factor for planning is your wedding songs for your march-in. Wedding march in pieces are often overlooked when it comes to planning, and below we will be sharing some tips on how to select the best wedding songs for your wedding march in!

Remember, take a pen and paper, and take down some notes!

1) Ask A Professional Musician For Help!

There are hundreds of thousands of songs that are suitable for weddings. Some of them are slow, while some are mid-paced and fast. Every song brings out a different feel, and it is best to seek professional help to know which pieces are suitable for the theme of your wedding.

By checking in with a professional wedding live band musician, you will understand how different songs fit different themes in your wedding. Some long pieces great to do a grand march-in, while some wedding songs are great for a small intimate wedding.

A professional musician would have been through thousands of weddings, and they will know what the best practices and best wedding songs to choose for your march-in songs are.

2) Picture The Theme Of Your Wedding

Are you looking for a wedding with a hip and fun type of planning, or are you looking for one that is small and intimate? Different songs bring out different feels of the whole night. If you choose to have a dancing party type of wedding, you would want to choose a wedding song that is more hip! 

Some others might want to have a wedding that is more of a small intimate session. If that is the case, you might want to select a song that is more of a slow ballad. Slow ballads bring out very nice intimate feels to the night. Some of the dead lyrics include songs like “Can’t Help Falling In Love”, or “Perfect”, and many more!

Some of the fast-paced songs that are suitable for a dancing style march-in include “Marry You” by Bruno Mars, or the classic song “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”. These are just some of the thousands of popular wedding songs to choose from all of them!

3) Does The Song Have Any Special Significance?

Your wedding march in songs is vital because your demonstration is the highlight of your wedding. When you are doing your march-in, all eyes will be on you. All the spotlight will be shining at your faces. 

The wedding song for your march-in needs to be significant to both of you. Some of the reasons for the music might include certain life events that might make you remember. If you have a good memory, you might remember the song that was playing on the radio during your first date.

Some other reasons for the wedding songs to be of significance to you include the song’s lyrics. Song’s lyrics are some of the best ways to see if the music is relatable to you. Most love songs speak about the different phases of a love relationship and how it goes about all of it. If you feel the lyrics of the song resonates well with the both of you, you might want to consider having that wedding song for your march-in!


Planning for a wedding is no easy feat. Some of the guests have many ideas to design, while some might not.

If you are looking for a professional wedding live band company to perform for your wedding, you might want to consider this company in Singapore called Musical Touch. They have professional musicians who will sing their hearts out for you, and they are also highly rated in Google.

So the next time you are planning for your wedding march in songs, do remember to check on the above-written pointers. 

We hope this article has been of some help in your planning for your wedding songs!