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New Year's Eve Ideas For You And Your Besties

28 New Year Party In Bangalore (Venues & Events): Start 2020 Year With A  Bang!

We all have a group of boys or a gang of girls that hangs out together. Or some have one or two BFFs, whom they spend most of their time with. They celebrate every festival and holiday together. They cherish moments together.

If you are looking for ideas to celebrate New Year’s Eve with your besties, this post gives you some awesome ideas for your consideration –

Office Formals

So, you guys have been to several events where you dressed up in casuals and party wear. But, this December 31st, you can consider meeting in formals – the ones you wear to your office.

Even though it will be a casual party, its dress code will be your office attire. There will be beer, BBQ, and of course, workplace gossips. It will be a fun-filled occasion, in which you will get to know a completely different side of your BFF.

You can take this gathering indoor as well as outdoor. Only thing you will need to make sure is that - drinks and food do not end.

A similar theme party would be to invite your crowd in cocktail dresses and suits. For organizing such an event, a fine-dine menu and venue would be desirable.

Real-life Master Chef!

You can set up an outdoor kitchen (or an indoor kitchen, you have a large space) and organize a Master Chef-like cooking competition, in which you and your best friends forever will compete for the race to become the Master Chef!

You can even have this activity for every party you organize at your place. Everyone at the party cooks different dish(s) and the best dish gets the reward (such as a beer bottle with custom label on it) and a chance to decide the menu for the next season of your in-house Master Chef competition.

The reward could be anything depending on your budget and the likes and dislikes of your besties. You can also consider offering rare cigar and branded pipes such as Tom Eltang Pipe, if he/she is into smoking. It will be a memorable occasion for them, if rewarded with a special gift with a personalized message.

Classic Slumber Party

Everyone loves old gold days. You can turn your New Year’s Eve party into a classic slumber party and revisit the golden days of your life!

Slumber party is a party where teens and children would attend at a friend’s house for a nightlong party. There will be classic music (preferably from your childhood or teenage years), and food that you loved during that period of your life. But, don’t overlook the present-day food choices of people you have invited.

If you are a girls’ gang, you could invite your close friends, classmates, and cousines to this occasion. It will be the most fun-packed event for you all.

If you are a boys’ bunch, you can call up your friends with their partners to the event.  You can talk about your childhood memories over drinks and smoke. Choose a music theme based the taste of people attending the party.

You could also play some classic movies in the background. There could no better way to remember and relive your childhood!

Seeing Lights and Fireworks

If you didn’t make any plan at all for the party, here is a quick one.

Just plan a night out; food and drinks at a nearby restaurant or bar; and after that, when the New Year arrives and the arms of the clock meet, head out and go for a long drive to see the lights and fireworks from a distance.

It will be an unforgettable night and occasion for you and BFF.

Walk through the Neighborhood

Don’t have time for a long drive? How about taking a midnight walk with your bestie talking about the day and the future, while the fireworks giving you a mesmerizing background?

Invite your BFF for a home-cooked dinner and drinks, before ending the night with a walk through the neighborhood.

And yes, stopping by at an ice cream truck would definitely be a sweet treat to your friendship..

If you love the dark of the night, your BFF too will love it. If you don’t, consider the next quick New Year’s Eve celebration idea.

Movie Date

If you and your BFF are opposite sex, a movie date night would be a perfect idea to step into the New Year. If you are same sex or if you have a group of best friends, then also, it will make a great idea to watch your favorite movie together – either at your home on BlueRay or at a nearby theater.

If at home, food can be prepared at home itself or can be ordered. If visiting a theater, then visit a restaurant after the movie.

Bottom Line

This year has had a great impact on our lives. The New Year’s Eve isn’t going to be a usual one.

We are currently under the attack of a deadly virus which has taken more than 240K lives in US so far. As a responsible citizen, we have to make every possible effort to keep our friends and dear ones safe from the virus.

So, when planning the New Year’s Eve party, make sure that you follow the safety measures advised by the government and medical authorities. Here’s wishing you a Happy New Year in advance!