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STD Test: How Can You Know If You Have An STD?

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Yes! All sexually active people should have STD testing no matter their sexual history or sexual orientation. There is not just one kind of STD test to get, although. Depending on what STD test you are getting, the procedure may be a swab test, a urine specimen, or a blood test. Once you know for sure if you have an STD or not, then you are prepared to deal with it.

The most common STD that you will find around the United States is Chlamydia. This STD can be difficult to deal with and is one of the most common reasons why people visit their doctor. If you go to a medical provider for STD testing, then they will do a simple swab test and tell you if you have Chlamydia or not.

Some of the symptoms of Chlamydia include an inflammation of the genitals. Other symptoms include painful urination or a foul odor coming from the genitals. Because some of these symptoms may seem like fungal infection symptoms, at-home STD tests do not always accurately identify the condition. If you notice any of these on your own, then you need to go see your medical provider for more accurate diagnosis.

There are many STD tests that you can get at home and in many cases, these tests are accurate. If you are pregnant, then you will be tested for pregnancy-related diseases such as Chlamydia. You should also get tested if you have multiple partners, or even a current partner that you have not had sex with. Many sites can be preventable so if you have multiple partners or are a new partner, then you should get tested right away. Going to the doctor is the best way to stay healthy, but there are many STD tests you can take home as well.

Some of the best STD tests that you can take are provided by the health care industry such as the Biopsy Specimen Panel, the HIV Testing Identification Test, the Penile Pap smear and the DNA panel. The first two tests are available at many STD clinics, and they are very accurate. These STD tests only require you to schedule an appointment to get them mailed to your home. For the HIV test, you simply have to schedule an appointment, and then wait a few days to have it mailed to you.

If you have received a chlamydia test kit and your results indicated that you do have the infection, then you need to go to an STD clinic for a proper diagnosis. Many STD clinics offer a number of STD tests at different levels of accuracy. If you have been tested and your test results have indicated that you are positive, you can go to an STD clinic and receive treatment immediately. If you received a negative test result, then you need to go back to the health care provider for a final exam and to receive treatment.